We will inform you in detail about the various possibilities and advantages of the individual processes so that the desired form meets your requirement. Our offer includes:

• Plastic molds

• Aluminum molds

• Molds for composite

• Cubing models

• Sheet metal forming tools

• Foundry patterns

Design Models

We offer a wide range of possibilities to visualize your ideas. From pure design models to fully equipped functional models. We specialized in the production of complete car models in original size in hard foam, clay or with paste application for design presentations and wind tunnel applications. The state of the art offer in this area is the design and manufacture of ready-to-drive show cars, including electronics and extravagant materials for marketing and trade show appearances.


Composite describes the combination of two or more materials to a new, better composite material. This material has different, optimized properties than its individual components. The carbon fiber reinforced plastic "CFK" is a typical example. The Development such a composite element is highly interesting:

First, a positive mold out is made of a, usually, lighter material. The imprint of this mold mirrors the shape if the model. It forms the composite component as a negative. Of course, we can also nc-mill molds that are made out of plastic and aluminum without going through a positive model. Inside the mold, the desired carbon element is created.


Building prototypes means having a lot of responsibility. We appreciate the trust of our customers and commit to the highest secrecy. Your strictly confidential data and information are safe with us.

More and more industries rely on the creation of prototypes to test their future products, especially car manufacturers. Also home appliance manufacturers, the aerospace industry, or medical technologies use the possibilities.

For prototypes, you have the choice between:

• Milled prototype parts

• Composite Prototypes

• Function prototypes

• Complete show cars

• Prototypes for complex seating systems

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