CAD / CAM Construction

With our modern CAD - CAM systems we can directly take over your design data. Upon completion of the design, the programming department, the CNC machines, RP systems and measurement units are supplied with the necessary data directly via fiber optic network. The systems of Catia (V5) and Tebis optimally complement each other.

CNC milling technology

Our high-performance, high-tech milling machines can process almost all materials - from polystyrene to steel. In addition, combinations of different materials are possible. With our five 5-axis high-speed portal milling centers, we mill objects up to 8000 mm long, 3500 mm wide and 2500 mm high.

Rapid prototyping

Our rapid prototyping systems enable very realistic visualizations of your ideas that meet the highest demands in terms of look, feel and function.

With a total of 100 materials properties of engineering plastics, various types of rubber and clear glass can be simulated. Our Rapid Prototyping machines have a high load capacity and the best contour accuracy.

Quality assurance

The quality management is certified according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015 and thus meets the highest standards. We examine all projects in detail for inaccuracies on our two double column-measuring machines (up to size 6000x3000x2400mm). Regularly we service and test all technical systems. Constant training and education of the employees ensures continuous training of our highly qualified team.

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